Who’s Who

Andy: Human in charge of all IT related matters. Official ant killer, boo-boo kisser, and scientific knowledge base.  He is an accomplished homebrewer who has taken home awards from the Slurp & Burp competition.  Andy likes to brew beer, play with the cats, and watch television and movies. Facebook fans beware-don’t start what you can’t finish. Andy is an accomplished debater who will stay up all night or wake  up early to finish a conversation.

Aleta: Human in charge of all money related matters. Also known as The Task Master for her ability to keep everyone on track and El Cheapo for her ability to be frugal in every aspect of life.  Aleta works as a Digital Project Manager and is Marathon Maniac #3979.  Aleta enjoys being outside, blogging, being on Twitter, reading, and watching television (Fringe, Family Guy, American Dad, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and movies.


Shem: Alpha cat in charge of running entire household. Also known as Shemzilla, Blue Furry, and Cold Kitty because of his Korat heritage. Likes include his warming pad. Dislikes include anything at anytime he deems appropriate.

Tuttt & Shem

Tuttt & Shem

Bitty: Cat in charge of expelling hair balls even after liberal doses of PetroMalt have been ingested. Full name is Bitts Von Kitty Kitty but prefers Bitty Bitty (in high pitched voice). Loves knocking around the blinds to the irritation of Andy. Likes include tuna juice and scratching at the carpet. Dislikes include the vacuum cleaner.



*Tut passed away.

One response to “Who’s Who

  1. I love reading your blog. It’s a talent to make cooking and cats sound interesting….. Maybe you could try cooking with cats? Yum!

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