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Bitty’s hanging in there. He has some really good days but the bad days are starting to outnumber the good ones. Despite all of the comforts of his padded bed, the couches, and our bed, he has chosen to spend most of his time in my closet. He’s slowly leaving us. It’s heart breaking and downright cruel to watch a member of your family like this. But at the same time, at least we can spend time with him which is a luxury we didn’t have with Shem.

Bitty’s on a great painkiller that is administered every 8 hours. He continues to eat and drink a little. We are keeping a close eye on him to ensure that he doesn’t suffer. Andy and I try to take shifts so that we can sleep and take breaks outside of the house. But it doesn’t always work out as planned.




My Heart

I had planned on having all of the posts written on our trip to Ecuador by now. However life had other plans. We got home from the airport late Saturday night. On Sunday, we picked Bitty up from the cat hotel he had been staying at. Six weeks earlier, Bitty hadn’t been doing well. The vet cautioned that it could be the c-word. Deep in my heart I knew it was cancer. Despite Andy saying I shouldn’t jump the gun, I knew it.

Bitty hadn’t been eating that much the days before we left. I felt horrible leaving him but at the cat hotel he would have great care. Or so I thought. He was in his carrier when we arrived and we quickly exchanged pleasantries with the owner and then left. The owner assured us that Bitty had been doing very well and had eaten all of his food which meant he consumed 3 small cans of Fancy Feast each day. When Bitty got out of his carrier, I knew this was a lie. Bitty had lost weight while we were gone and looked horrible. And worse, he was limping.

Andy made him a vet appointment while I was at work on Wednesday (Monday was Memorial Day). The vet was prepared to rescan his belly with the ultrasound. The last time, they found a small ‘lesion’ that we all assumed was cancer. This time the lesion was gone! But in preparing him for the scan, the vet had found a mass on his chest. They did an X-Ray and found another mass in his lungs. They didn’t X-Ray his shoulder or hurt leg because it was apparent that the cancer had spread.



How are we supposed to say goodbye to him?