Running To Work

I was straightening up my bedroom when I saw a familiar face outside. It was my friend Sarah. Running down the sidewalk with a cool new backpack I’d never seen her with. After a few direct messages via Twitter, I found out that Sarah had been running home from work 4 nights a week. She said she was using the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 to carry her work clothes and empty lunch bag home. I was intrigued.

I had biked to work many times. It was fairly easy although could be difficult after a run as my legs were a little fatigued. While on our long run this last Saturday, me and my friend Shelley discussed biking miles vs. running miles. She heard that the conversion was 6 bike miles to 1 run mile. That could be why I was unprepared for races when I relied too heavily on my bike commute miles.

I brought some clothes to work yesterday and ran into work this morning. It. Was. Awesome. Seriously. I have a backpack at home and think I can use it instead of buying a new fastpack. So rather than going out for a run, then getting ready for work and commuting it, I will just run to work and cut out some of the unnecessary time spent commuting via bus or train. Thanks Sarah!


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