Silver Hair Spotting

I was about 12 years old the first time I colored my hair. It was some kind of auburn wash-in/wash-out color that I managed to stain my forehead and neck with not to mention the bathroom rug and bath towels. Sorry Mom. Obviously my first dye job looked horrible. I remember one of my friends looking at me with a squint and shaking her head. But I loved the idea that I could change my identity by changing my hair.

I’ve always had what other people say is “good hair”. It has just enough wave but not curly enough to give me problems. It’s not too thick and not thin. When I was in fourth grade, the school nurse did a lice check on everyone. We had to put our heads down on the desk and closed our eyes. When she got my hair, she said to the teacher “It’s like spun gold.”  I loved hearing those words.

Most of the woman in my family (on both sides) have “good hair”. My Great Aunt Ruth (on my mom’s side) had this beautiful thick head of dark blonde hair and my paternal grandmother has lovely lighter blonde hair. I have great hair genes.

I colored my hair on a regular basis starting around 13 or 14. I tried almost every color except black because my mom said anything but black. I’ve had pink hair, red hair, brown hair and every shade of blonde imaginable. I finally settled in on a light blonde that my age and the lack of sunshine in Portland didn’t support.

Last year, I said enough. I let it grow out to its now dark blonde color. I’ve been cutting the still colored hair off the bottom and it’s finally looking more normal. I’ve always had this patch of hair near my temple that is weird. When I have bangs, the patch of hair is lighter than the rest of the hair. Not enough that a normal person would notice but hairdressers always spot the ‘weird patch’. Plus due to my Scandinavian heritage, I have a silvery hairs mixed in with the rest of the lot.

But the silvery hairs are now increasing. And it’s not due to my lox loving genes. Yep. I’m slowly going silver. And it’s cool. I see older women on the street with silver hair and they look awesome. Don’t get me wrong. I’m fighting the wrinkles like it’s World War III. But the silver hairs have amnesty. They can stay.


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