Trip Budget Update

Due to some very frugal budgeting, Andy and I were able to save the money for our upcoming trip to Jamaica. We had a very minimalist Christmas only buying each other very small inexpensive gifts and a pretty cheap Christmas dinner. For Andy’s birthday, we also didn’t spend much money either. Every time we had a few extra dollars, we threw it in the trip fund. It’s amazing how fast that added up. So as of January we paid for Jamaica!

Now we are saving for our more expensive trip in 2017. Andy and I are thinking of taking the Trans-Siberian Express through China, Mongolia and Russia. Our 15th anniversary and my 40th birthday all fall in 2017 so why not plan an epic adventure! I estimate that it will probably cost in the neighborhood of $7,000-$9,000. We will need all the time we can get to raise the money.


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