Mom’s Visit

My mom came to visit two weeks ago. It was a short visit: fly in on Friday and fly out on Monday. While she was here, we went to my holiday party, had high tea, and ate pizza.


Hanging out drinking cider.

Eater PDX published an article in December announcing that Hotel Deluxe was now offering high tea. I’ve had a few friends that have gone to high tea so I asked my mom (who’s the biggest tea fan I know) if she wanted to go. Immediately I received a response to my email with a resounding ‘YES!’.

We arrived at the hotel and we were seated immediately. Each of us were able to choose the tea we wanted and after that was brought out, they delivered the treats.



Mom is enjoying high tea.

The bottom layer had all of the sandwiches which were delicious including the cucumber sandwich. The middle layer had the scones and the top layer the most decadent sweets. The experience was interesting if a bit overrated. We laid down $39 a person for tea, sandwiches and sweets. But when your mom wants to do something, you realize it’s more about spending the time with her than thinking that something isn’t worth the cost.


Andy likes high tea.

All in all it was a great visit with delicious food and drink.


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