Out of Debt – Now What?

Getting out of debt was very anti-climatic. There was no congratulations email like when I paid off my student loan. I’m just waiting on the title for the car. So I set up our budget for 2016 which is now much more simple. Gone are the line items for student loans and car loans.

But I also have to remember to not get caught up in deals like these. Yes, paying $100 for a $100 Nordstrom gift card and getting a $20 Amazon.com gift card is awesome but I don’t shop at Nordstrom. And I don’t need anything from Amazon. The hoarder inside of me says to buy it! I could always use the gift cards to purchase gifts with. But the frugal freshly out of debt person says to pass on this. Staying out of debt and within my budget at times feels harder than getting out of debt.


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