40 Minutes

That’s how long we were stopped by the train last night. But it’s my fault. Andy and I were on our way back home and the train was crossing the road on 11th by Gideon. I was grumbly about the train (from my Healthnotes/Aisle7 days). Andy said the train wouldn’t be long. I remarked, “Unless it stops and backs up” which is what it used to do used to do ALL of the time.

And sure enough. The train stopped. We couldn’t back up because there were cars behind us. When the train finally started up again, it went backwards. Slowly. Then it stopped. For 15 minutes.

The car next to us was playing some great French music so we turned the car off and relaxed. But after 25 minutes, nothing was happening besides the train occasionally starting up only to back up a bit. Finally at 30 minutes of sitting there, Andy called the train hotline on a sign by the tracks and I called the non-emergency police line (it was well after 9:30pm). I didn’t know if the train was experiencing engine issues or what.

All we were told is that it was a long train (yep. we knew that) and that was taking longer than usual. No one could provide an ETA on when the train  was going to start moving again. Which led me to my next rant: why did all of those word problems in Algebra involve Train A leaving from New York and Train B …..

In total we spent 40 minutes waiting for the train.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train


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