Mt. Hood 50 Camping

I went up to Timothy Lake to volunteer for Mt. Hood 50 and crew/pace for Laura. I camped out Friday night.


View of Mt. Hood

My campsite.

My campsite.

The most amazing delicious burger ever.

The most amazing delicious burger ever.


I volunteered for parking duty so I could be there for the early start to see Laura set off. It was a bit difficult getting out of my warm sleeping bag at 4:53am (I overslept) after only a few hours of sleep. The folks in the campsite next to mine partied until the wee hours.

I came back to the race around 10am to help Laura get through the start/finish. Once she came through I hiked with her towards Red Wolf while she ate providing some mindless chatter and laughs. Once she started running again, I hiked back to my car for some lunch and read. I ran back out to Red Wolf after a few hours and volunteered a that aid station waiting for Laura to come back through. After about an hour, she came back through.I led her out of the aid station while she drank a bit. She let me lead her for about half a mile while she ate. After that Laura felt great and wanted to run super fast down to the finish so I said goodbye and watched the rocket take off.

I helped a few other racers behind me. One guy fell and another woman couldn’t get gels out of her pack. I was truly inspired by one woman who had lost a lot of weight training for races and had this jinky hunched over run/walk. She had a long stride that forced me to take 4-5 steps for every one of hers. She never complained and just kept going. I did see her at the end being helped into a chair by two guys and then being helped out of it. Laura PRed by over an hour. It was really inspiring. I’m so glad that I volunteered. Even if the day was so freaking long after only a few hours of sleep.


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