Moab Adventure Day 1-2


Being from Southern New Mexico, the desert has always felt like home. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Pacific Northwest with its drizzly damp weather and ever present greenery but the desert with its beautiful clear blue skies and quiet beauty just feels right.

The last time I was in Utah was about eighteen years ago when I moved from New Mexico to Oregon. I loved Monument Valley with it’s sandstone buttes and Zion even if it was pouring rain the entire time I was there. I’d been wanting to go back and visit for a long time but could never find the time.

Originally Amy was going to come with me but our trip was delayed by a few weeks due to my piriformis. With her trip to Belize, buying a new home, and her relay race in June, the delay meant she couldn’t join me.

So I set off by myself. The first day, I drove almost 13 hours and made it to Salt Lake City where I stayed at a KOA. The campground was great and featured a hot tub/pool, WiFi, showers,etc.

IMG_1097 IMG_1098

I wandered around the Salt Lake area the next day visiting the Great Salt Lake which honestly was a little disappointing.


The Great Salt Lake

After that I drove the 3.5 hours to Moab arriving around 3pm.


On the road to Moab

After eating, me, my cousin, and his wife all headed out for a beautiful sunset hike.




I have so many photos of this hike. The scenario was so beautiful!



The little spec is me!


It was amazing how the shadows shaped the landscape as the sun began to set. I could have stayed out there all night but would have been ill prepared for it. It was so beautiful. We started hiking back to the car as we had big plans for the next day!


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