Being Slow Being Overweight

Not every overweight runner is slow and not every slow runner is overweight but there is a strong correlation between the two. And that makes you feel bad. When you know you are slow and jiggly. Becoming faster takes time just like becoming less jiggly.

There are only a few runners I know who aren’t concerned about their weight. And every runner I know is concerned about their speed. It’s hard to think about this when you are focused on yourself and your issues.

I didn’t think about my weight as much when I was running shorter distances. Maybe it’s all the time I had to think about it. I’ve always had a really hard time figuring out how many calories I burn while running. Sites like MyFitness Pal lowest run option is a 12 minute mile. I am slower than that on a trail run and sometimes a recovery run and definitely a super hilly road run.

Being a slow runner makes me feel anxious about cut off times. Being anxious makes my heart beat faster which isn’t good in a race. You can tell yourself it doesn’t matter but in the end it does.


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