Eating Clean – A curse or a blessing?

I’ve been eating really well lately. I mean like seriously awesome.I roasted Brussel Sprouts for the first time. I’ve been eating lots of roasted vegetables and salads. Beyond the Sunday night smoked tuna with crackers and Gardenburgers, I haven’t really had much processed food. Until yesterday.

For lunch I had a wet burrito, later in the day a small piece of chocolate cake I made for Andy and for dinner 4 slices of super thin crust pizza (I ran 9 miles yesterday – BTW). And boy did I pay for it. I woke up at 1:30am in the morning with a burning stomach. After tossing and turning for an hour, I finally got up took some Alka Seltzer and laid on the couch for awhile. Initially I thought I had the stomach flu because I felt nauseous and cold. But after looking at my food diary this morning I realized that my stomachache was due to a sudden introduction of high fat food into my diet.

Now it’s back to my smoothies, salads and soups. The fast living diet of the past is well in the past.

I feel really rough

I feel really rough


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