Holiday Half Race Report

2014 was a big year for me. I ran more than I’ve ever run, started a great new job, bought a new car, and experienced defeat and humility. After the Columbia Gorge Marathon debacle, I took some time off running. Probably too much. All of my runs except one were less than 13 miles. 99% of them were run slow and on flat hard pavement.

I was looking forward to the Holiday Half as it’s more of a social event than a race. But a large part of me was hoping to run it pretty fast. Given how much and where I’ve been running, that was a pipe dream.

Due to an ankle injury, Amy downgraded to the 5k so Jess and I ran together with her friend. My plan was to run a steady 11:30-11:55 pace. For the most part I did that. But I definitely felt tired the last couple of miles. Negativity jumped on my back the last 3 miles. As doubt creeped up, I smiled brighter and talked to more people hoping I could beat back the dark thoughts. My pace dipped to +12 minute miles and I tried to not let it bother me but it did.

I have 103 days until Gorge 50k. Not a ton of time but enough to train really smart. I need to get back out on the trails and rebuild the hill climbing legs. I’m going to continue going to Body Pump and spin class once a week. I’ve got to be more vigilant about my diet. I haven’t done the best job there. 😦 I can be sorry or I can get to work. Let’s work.



One response to “Holiday Half Race Report

  1. I am right there with you. Congrats on getting it done!!!

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