Tips for Running With Running Newbies

I’m in the middle of making plans to run with a friend who is new to running. I’m really excited about us getting to spend time doing something that I love and she likes. I don’t want to freak her out or go out to hard. Here are a few tips to having a great experience for everyone:

1. Let your friend decide mileage and pace. If you need more miles, then run to meet them or schedule a 2nd run for longer that day.

2. Take selfies. A lot of selfies. This will help your friend catch their breathe and take a few mini breaks.

3. Run somewhere beautiful.

4. If you can, go eat afterwards. Go for brunch or a snack. I’ve found that this helps both of you relax a bit and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Ask them a lot of questions. If your friend is breathless or having a difficult time talking and running – SLOW DOWN! This run is about enjoying each other’s company not about speed.


One response to “Tips for Running With Running Newbies

  1. GREAT tips!!!

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