Maui Marathon (I Survived!)

Maui Marathon was the hottest event I have ever participated in. I knew going in that it was going to be rough and the marathon did not let me down.


At the gathering of the athletes before we hustled over to the start.

The race start was a CRAZY experience especially for a race that started at 5am local time. There were people leading a dance/stretch and then there was a fire dancer who was amazing.


So I found out later that a drunk driver tried to run his car through all of the runners that were lined up to start the race. Yep. That’s right. Some dumb guy tried to drive his car through an area filled with police offers and really fast runners (I was in the back of the pack). The driver was arrested without anyone getting hurt and is now facing DUII charges.

I ran the first 9 miles with a guy named Pete who was super nice. He dropped me when I decided to stop and take a selfie.


Blurry selfie


The first part of the marathon was awesome.



But soon the sun was high in the sky and the temperatures were soaring. The aid stations were fantastic! There was an aid station that had shave ice.


People began walking at about mile 16 or so. Way before I had ever seen it.



The end of the race was crazy. There were medics waiting with wheelchairs at the finish line which I thought was kinda crazy. Then I saw the medical tent. There were quite a few people taking IVs and a lot of people laying down in the shade with medical blankets on them.


Once I crossed the finish line, I needed to sit in the shade and quick. Once I had a chance to sit, I realized that I needed to lay down. I felt dizzy and queasy and very sick. My Mom wiped off my face and got me cold water to drink. Having your mom at the finish line is AWESOME!

The chafe I got in this race was really really bad. Basically any place that sweated and had any type of friction whether it was from clothing or skin, had chafe. The worse was on my lower thigh. This little bugger bled!



I will post more photos in a separate post when my Internet connection is faster. Aloha!

(Rant: Around mile 22 there were a lot of well meaning people on the course clapping and providing encouragement. But they were telling runners that they had 6 more miles. I kept telling the runners that wasn’t true.

There was also an aid station that had so many clapping crazy volunteers that most runners thought it was the finish. One runner started crying.

Around mile 24 spectators were saying ‘You are almost there.’ If you have ever run a marathon or any race, you know the last part of the race is the hardest. A mile or two can feel like a billion miles. Instead of saying ‘You are almost there’ say ‘You are amazing!”, “You are such an inspiration” or “You can do it!”)


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