Hood To Coast (or HTC as it’s know)

I’ve alway said that I would never run HTC. It’s a relay race that covers 199 miles from Mt. Hood to the Coast (hence the name). Teams are comprised of 12 runners divided into 2 vans. The vans are known as Van 1 and Van 2. Each runner from Van 1 runs their legs. Van 2 meets up with Van 1 as the last runner from Van 1 completes their leg and the first runner from Van 2 begins. Then each runner from Van 2 runs their legs and then Van 1 shows up as the last runner from Van 2 completes their leg. Each runner completes 3 legs with little sleep. HTC boasts 1,050 teams of 12 runners.

This leads me to why I said I would never run HTC. The idea of being in a van with other exhausted runners leapfrogging another van dodging traffic for 2 days doesn’t sound like a great time. But….I got asked by Todd to be in his van (Van 2) along with several other wonderful people (Bill, Jenefer, Amy, and Jessica). I love hanging out with these people. I may never get another chance to do this. So I said yes.

I took a few days off after Mt. Hood 50 but then got down to business with a new training strategy. 4 days a week I began running twice a day. I went from doing one speed session a week to several times a week. My runs went from 7-25 miles to 6 miles or less. I had to buy new shoes as my lower shins started hurting. My calves remained tight and sore until I started stretching 4+ times a day. Running twice a day means doing laundry more frequently. I have enjoyed having so much free time on Saturdays but miss the long trail runs. 

So on Friday we meet up at Bill’s house at 10am. I’m runner 12 which means I am the last runner. 🙂 And I bring Team Amok over the finish line.

Three days until HTC!


One response to “Hood To Coast (or HTC as it’s know)

  1. Good luck to an awesome team!

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