Running in Washington

Yesterday I went up to White Salmon Washington and ran the Backyard Half. I ran the first 6 miles with a few friends which made the miles fly by! The scenery was beautiful. I highly recommend the Backyard Half. It’s a nice low key race with some very friendly people.




Today I ran the Vancouver Marathon. It’s been almost a year since I ran a road marathon. Honestly I enjoy trail running much more. Vancouver is a very flat town and the course highlighted this. We ran these super long straight flat parts of the area where you could see for miles. Don’t get me wrong. Some of Vancouver is very pretty but there are some sketchy parts that I would prefer to not see again.

I had so many friends that ran Vancouver so prior to the start, it was like a mini reunion.


Me and Danielle (who qualified for Boston!)


I ran both races very well. I am quite proud of my performance. I gave the Marathon all I had and my time reflected this. I haven’t run a sub 6 hour marathon in a long time.Bart Yasso (my hero!) was the announcer at the Vancouver Marathon. Bart took our selfie saying that he had longer arms. 🙂


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