42 (ish) miles in 48 hours

After last year’s horrible race at Timberline I was eager to try the run again. A few months ago over drinks, Laura suggested we do the marathon on Saturday and the half on Sunday. Fueled by beer and ambition, I eagerly said yes. We camped Friday and Saturday night next to Timothy Lake and right by the course so there was no driving back and forth.


It was a great day of running. The weather was perfect. I had to keep remembering that I was running a half the next day which meant I couldn’t kill my legs. Laura ran with me the first loop which made the time fly by.

Overall my pace was a bit slower than I hoped for partially due to my chatting with another runner. I did beat my time by a few minutes. I was disappointed that my time wasn’t better but oh well.



This is my favorite photo:

While I ran Andy fished and set out traps for crawdads. He caught quite a few of each.



I cleaned up in the lake the best I could but running a marathon without a shower and camping is kind of gross. Andy and I drank beer and hung out after the race.

The next morning I woke up a little stiff but overall felt pretty good. The half on Sunday had a lot more participants than the marathon did. For most runners it was their first trail run. I was surprised how ill prepared some of the runners seemed. Many carried no hydration or fuel.



I was surprised how good I felt. I wasn’t all tired and achy like I usually was after a marathon or even a day spent all the trails. Although my legs did feel heavy and slow until we reached the first aid station. But they usually feel that way for the first couple of miles when I’m on the trail.

As beautiful as Timothy Lake was, I was so excited to only have to do one loop around the lake and then be done. I really tried to run a faster pace miles 6.5-9. After 9 I slowed a bit due to being tired. I was able to pass a few people which was pretty awesome.

The end was brutal. There is a large hill you need to climb that just kicked my ass. I was so tired but kept repeating “This isn’t as hard as Capitol Peaks. This isn’t as hard as Capitol Peaks.” My heart was pounding and I was dripping with sweat as I power hiked up that hill. Every muscle in my legs and lower backed protested loudly but I made it up.

I was so happy to see Andy, Laura and the finish line. Laura and I put on both of our finisher medals and posed for a photo.

Andy insisted that he couldn’t see our faces and asked us to take off our hats. Running 42 miles over 2 days without a shower makes your hair really gross.



Andy’s bounty:

I’m not sure the actual mileage but both the marathon and the half were long. The half marathon was about 14.5 miles which makes me feel better with my slow pace.


3 responses to “42 (ish) miles in 48 hours

  1. Congratulations!!! You are an inspiration!

  2. Daaaanng, girl.

  3. You.Are.Bad.Ass! Next year I’m there… but not for both 😉

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