Nesmith Point

I went out to the Gorge today to get some hiking in. Coach advised 5-6 hours and Laura suggested going out to Nesmith Point. My guide book describes the difficulty as ‘strenuous’ and traffic as ‘light’. The weather prediction called for rain off and all day and that’s pretty much how it went.

The hike up was indeed strenuous. The path was very narrow in some places and the drop offs were a little scary. Even taking it slow, I still slipped around a bit and found myself on my butt more than once. The views did not disappoint.






It was a nice day. I recommend this hike.


2 responses to “Nesmith Point

  1. Awesome job! Great photos!

  2. Erica Trainer

    Hi! I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. I found it after I ran Peterson Ridge this year. I recognized you yesterday at Timberline although I didnt figure out why til later (You were on your way in, maybe a half mile from the finish) I am hoping to run the Hood 50 in a year or two so I’m excited to read your report when you do it 🙂

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