Dog Mountain Training Run

Scheduled called for 3-4 hours of hiking today. I heard that the flowers in the Gorge are beautiful so I decided to hike up Dog Mountain. Last time I went to Dog Mountain the weather was much better. Today it was overcast and grey. But the temperature was somewhat mild.


There were several large groups of female students who were just about as annoying as you can get. I tried to hike ahead of the groups as quickly as I could but my legs were no match for their young 20-something legs fueled by pixie sticks and Starbucks. I finally stepped aside on the trail and let them all pass providing us all with a large pocket of space and peace.





I got to the top of Dog Mountain and the storm blew in. The wind is amazing at the top of Dog Mountain. At times you feel like it’s going to blow you off the mountain. I enjoyed the view for a second and then hustled down to the car so I could eat my sandwich.

It started raining really hard on my way down and I was tempted to leave after my hike up. But I needed more time on my feet. So I started back up slowly. The rocks on the trail had really done a number on the soles of my feet and they were tender. My quads and glutes were tired and a bit sore. A guy who I had passed on the way down saw me hiking back up and remarked about what good shape I must be in to hike back up. I laughed at the idea and told him I was definitely trying to get into better shape. It was a nice compliment but I still don’t feel like I’m in ‘good shape’. I guess your idea of what ‘good shape’ is changes over time.

I hiked up the trail for another hour or so and then back down. As I ran back down the heavens opened up and the rain really started. I wanted to run down the trail fast but was scared of falling. When I got back to the car it started raining even harder if that was possible.

All in all it was a good day. I’m a bit tired and a little sore. I highly recommend the hike.


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