Labor Day Camping

Here is my super late posting of our Labor Day vacation. On the Wednesday before the holiday, Andy and I drove to the Olympic Pennisula to camp. After several weeks of absolutely beautiful dry, the meteorologists predicted thunderstorms for the Pacific Northwest.

Andy got a a beautiful camp spot right on the ocean. I had never camped next to the ocean before and it was a wonderful experience.


We spent a lot of time trying to get a fire going. A lot of time.

It started raining pretty hard about two hours after we arrived. We decided to have an early dinner and lay in our tent watching a cheesy movie. It rained all night long. Our tent isn’t waterproof and there were no trees in which we could hang a tarp from. So our tent took on a lot of water. Our sleeping bags were dripping and all of our clothing was wet. It wasn’t cold. Just wet. Really. Really. Wet.


The next morning we had a hard choice to make. We had reserved another camp spot but almost everything we owned was wet. We could go to our campsite and make do or we could could call it and head to the nearest motel. We chose to go to the motel in Port Angeles. We drove through Forks, WA. What a creepy depressing place. Before heading to Port Angeles, we drove to the most Northwestern spot in the Continental United States. It was a little wet out there.



We spent the night in Port Angeles and then caught a ferry to Bellingham, WA. The weather was gorgeous. We spent two nights in Bellingham and visited a couple of breweries.


We even went to Vancouver BC.

We checked out Deception Point too.


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