Angel’s Rest

Last Saturday after a sucessful shoe launch, I headed out to the Gorge to hike/run Angel’s Rest. Everyone told me to get out there early so I arrived by 7:15am. There were all ready a few cars in the parking lot so I didn’t waste much time in getting my stuff together and heading up the trail.

The first mile wasn’t spectacular at all. In fact, it was kinda gross in places. In some places there was a lot of cigarette butts and Starbucks cups as well as some other garbage that I suspect was actually toilet paper. Yep. That’s right. Toilet paper on the trail. There are little views of the Gorge as you head up.

The hike is steep in some places but definitely doable. Then you get a view like this:

I only saw 2 people on the trail as I headed up. The trail heads into a forested area so all the pretty views are obscured by trees. There were a lot of times I was sure I wasn’t on the trail but then I’d see the signs of human life aka more cigarette butts. I spotted this little guy on the trail as well.

Coming down the trail, I ran into 25 different parties coming up. So the advice to get out to Angel’s Rest early is smart.


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