Personal Training

I’m coming to the end of the personal training package that I purchased several months ago. It’s pretty cool to feel the muscle in your arms and know that it came from lots of pushups. Ertan, my trainer, keeps upping the difficulty level of the workouts so I’m never bored. It’s amazing how many variations of the plank these trainers can image. The more I groan and whimper while he throws the medicine ball at me as I am doing sit ups, the bigger his smile gets. He admits that he enjoys pushing his clients to the limit of their abilities.

The last two sessions, he’s had me first hit this tire with a sledgehammer. It’s actually quite fun.


Then he has me pull the tire across the room using the sledgehammer. Basically you hook it in the sidewall of the tire and pull. At first I could barely get it to move.I mean it was a serious struggle. But I finally realized how to position my body although it still wasn’t easy.

Here is Ertan moving the tire back to it’s resting spot.


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