This past Tuesday, it was Andy’s turn at date night. We were smack in the middle of a Portland heat wave. I went up to Bellevue the prior week and arrived back in Portland Friday night. It was hot. Really hot. Saturday was even hotter and Sunday was 97 degrees with a million percent humidity. So by the time that 94 degree Tuesday rolled around, neither Andy nor myself were all that interested in food.

Andy chose a vegetarian restaurant that was closed when we arrived. I suggested that we hit an area that had several restaurants neither of us had been to. We journeyed up to the SE Stark area, parked the car and began walking around. We checked out the menu of several places until we decided on Rosco’s. It was mainly a pub but served Southern food. Oyster shooters and a cold beer seemed like just the thing to beat the heat with.


Andy ordered the spicy Mac & Cheese while I ordered appetizers of red beans and rice with blackened catfish sliders. It is worth noting that I do not care for blackened food. I had some blackened fish when I was young and didn’t find it appealing. Until I took a bite of the catfish. Holy moly!!! What have I been missing! The blackened fish I had as a kid was nothing like the catfish at Rosco’s. First off theirs wasn’t over spiced or burned. Theirs was moist and delicious.


Two sliders cost me $5 and worth every penny. Rosco’s had taken a large fillet of catfish and split it between the 2 sliders so that each bun had at least an inch and half over overspill of catfish on either side. The fish was topped with a nice coleslaw that was not drowned in mayonnaise but instead was really light and tasty. The red beans and rice were amazing. They were slightly sweet and oh so spicy. By the time I finished my meal, my head was sweating delightfully. Andy’s Mac & Cheese was okay. I liked it but he felt that he’d had better. But he did wolf down the cornbread that accomplished his entree.


The food cost us less than $20. I would definitely go back again.


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