The Beach

Andy and I went to the beach on Friday night. After the hectic pace of the last couple of weeks and Andy’s ongoing lack of sleep, I decided we needed a mini vacation. Using, I was able to find us a reasonably priced hotel in Newport. I packed us a bag full of snacks and away we went.

We go to Newport around 8pm as we did hit some pretty fierce traffic when we left Portland. We checked into our hotel and then went searching for a bite to eat. We finally stumbled onto this local and affordable seafood restaurant where we were served by a woman whose part-time job was at the historical society. She was able to tell us some interesting details about Newport.

We stopped into a mini mart and saw this monstrosity. Did you ever eat Fun Dips as a kid? I did. And the picture below is the godfather of Fun Dip.

The next day we drove down the coast to Florence to explore a bit. We stopped off a few times to check out the coastline and to take photos. I finally remembered to grab the binoculars. Aleta_beach

The tide was at it’s lowest of the year. And it was LOW! I’ve been to this beach and never seen it this low.


Later that night, we indulged in something called “Death by Chocolate”: chocolate icecream covering a brownie with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Even with both of us on duty, we couldn’t come close to finishing it off.


The next day Andy wanted to try out the kite he purchased the day before.



All in all, it was a fun trip and over way too soon.


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