What I Know About Running

One of my coworkers has just started running. He thinks I know a lot about running. I’m going to keep fooling him. Here’s what I know about running.

There is someone faster/better/stronger/tougher than you. Yep. You will never be the fastest bestest runner in the world and that’s okay. Fast people tend to get injured a lot. And they don’t look like they enjoy it. Look at the elites running. Not one of them has a smile or a camera in their hands. Run because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.

We had so much fun that day. (Jodi Cullen, Anna Hope Melnick and me)

We had so much fun that day. (Jodi Cullen, Anna Hope Melnick and me)

You will get injured and it will suck. You will make all sorts of deals with God/your doctor/your sports massage therapist that if you can just run again you will not take it for granted. You will need to move on and focus on something other than running for awhile. I recommend cycling if you can do it. Swimming is pretty nice too.

Race photos are horrible. Who cares? We all look terrible but we’re having fun.

My first race (several years ago)

My first race (several years ago)

You are capable of running farther than you think. Trust me on this one. Get lost on a long run and see how far you can run when all you want is a beer and a chair.

You inspire people who never thought about. There are people who admire what you are doing but probably will never tell you so. I was amazed at how many people sent me really nice emails, direct messages, and texts after reading my Smith Rock Ascent post. I thought people would make fun of me.

There will be a time (or times) during a marathon, 50k, etc. that you question why you are a runner instead of a cyclist, rower, speed walker,etc.

You will fail to meet your goal(s). Set a goal high enough and scary enough, and you might not make it the first time. I’ve spent the last week in a weird mix of mourning/depression/sadness/pity party after Timberline. Last night I was surprised by receiving some really inspiring text messages from some ladies that I admire the heck out of. Both have had DNFs in the past year. But they didn’t allow it to drag themselves down. Instead, when times got tough, they got tougher.

The friends you make while running are some of the best relationships you may have. Run 26.2 with someone and tell me you don’t feel like you are related?

What do you know running?


One response to “What I Know About Running

  1. So true! This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read about running. Boils it down to what it’s really all about. Thanks!

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