Hard Work Pays Off

For the past couple of months, I have been working with a personal trainer Ertan. He’s an old school Turkish badass with a weird sense of humor and a love for country music. Andy and I scrutinized our budget and found a few bucks a week that would allow me to work out with him. Plus my company has a wellness program that pays for a small part of the sessions.

Each Tuesday at 6am, Ertan runs me through a 50 minute high intensity workout that leaves me exhausted. We do all major muscle groups using weights. He has me throw medicine balls, jump, and push sleds (Rocky style) across the gym. At first, I was so sore I could barely walk. Now I’m very tired but not so sore that getting up from a seated position is a major undertaking.

Honestly I didn’t notice any change to my running when I first started. But most of my friends do some type of boot camp or personal trainer and swear by it. My coworker Emily says that she’s managed to shave a minute off of her mile. Eventually I noticed that my back and shoulders didn’t hurt after long runs. As much as Smith Rock hurt, I wondered if I could have completed it if I hadn’t been working with Ertan each week.

This last weekend I ran 24 miles with my friend Travis.

Me and Travis

Me and Travis

Finished at last!

Finished at last!

The next day I noticed that my muscles were tired but not sore. In the past 24 miles would have sidelined me for the rest of the day. And I would have been hobbling around the next day. Yesterday Andy and I went on a big walking adventure that included walking down to Oaks Park.

Andy at Oaks Park

Today I feel great.


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