My Addiction

I’ve written and rewritten this post about 5 times. At first it was very matter of factly and then I tried to be funny. Now I’ll just be honest.

My name is Aleta and I’m addicted to sugar. When making my coffee in a public place, people have honestly asked me “Want some coffee with that sugar?” Once I drank more than 4 sodas in one day. I won’t tell you the honest number because it’s pretty horrifying. I used to not drink iced tea because my sugar wouldn’t dissolve with all the icecubes. I’ve eaten so much sugar, my cheeks have flushed and my heart rate has increased. I’ve drizzled sugar on top of my Frosted Flakes (true story) and me and my brother Jimmy have eaten sugar on top of toast. Not brown sugar toast. Straight up white sugar on toast.

In the last month, I’ve severely reduced my sugar intake. And it sucks. I know. I know it’s good for my health and all that. And I will stick with it. I’ve started putting Stevia in my coffee. I’ve stopped eating sugary sweets (except that one I sneaked last night) including Clif Bars. And yes like when I quit smoking cigarettes, its hard and it sucks.

I tried to figure out how many calories I would save every year by cutting my sugar down. With my coffee alone, I will save about 36,500 a year. I know it will be worth it in the end but for now, it’s just tough.


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