New Dressers!!

There are quite a few things that I’ve never had brand new: bed, dresser, car, washer and drier, dishwasher, or fridge. Andy and I purchased new couches from IKEA a few years ago. This weekend, we got new dressers. It’s not that it’s ‘new’ that makes it appealing. It’s that you got to choose it rather than taking it because you needed it. We chose the style, color,etc.

We went on a hunt on Sunday to find new dressers. After this last move, we made the decision not to bring our old ones with us. My old dresser was a danger to feet and cats as it would fall to the ground if you pulled out the drawer more than 40% and Andy’s dresser was literally falling apart. After living out of our suitcase for a week, Andy and I had enough. We went shopping.

Dressers are expensive! We visited 3 different stores before going to IKEA. In no time, we found dressers that we both liked and were over $100 cheaper than what we had found previously. Plus the other dressers were intact meaning that we would have to pay someone to deliver them. So $300 versus $560? The only two issues? The boxes were really heavy and Andy would have to put them together. But I traded Andy chores for it. He puts the dressers together and I would do the laundry, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, and clean up!



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