Andy’s New Job

Yesterday Andy started his new job. He had new employee orientation at an offsite location all day yesterday and today is at his job. It’s his first full time job in 5 years. And honestly it’s going to be a big change for us both.

It was weird not being able to call him whenever I wanted to talk to him. I feel kind of lonely. I also relied very heavily on Andy to do so many things. He bought the special cat food from the vet and mailed packages and deposited checks, Andy would marinate seafood for us and clean the house. And who can forget the laundry?

This last weekend I did a load of laundry. The first in a long time. I also mopped the kitchen floor. I honestly cannot remember the last time I did that. I’ve never used the vacuum we bought in August. I mean I’ve turned it on before but never vacuumed the apartment with it.

Plus there’s the new schedule. Andy works from 7-3:30 or 7-4pm. His commute is much longer than mine. I don’t go to work until 8am or so. So he needs to go to bed early. Like around 10pm or earlier. If your significant other wakes up at 4am chances are so do you. Even if your alarm was set for 6:30am.

I’m so glad I received 2 gift cards for Starbucks. I’ve had an extra cup of coffee both today and yesterday. Yee haw.


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