Everett, Washington Adventures

This last weekend, Andy and I headed to Everett, Washington to watch our beloved Winterhawks play. I must admit that it is very intimidating sitting with the other team. Maybe intimidated isn’t the right word. Scared? Anyway, Winterhawks put the beat down on the Silvertips.It’s a badger.


Little cart full of Navy guys? Sure why not parade them around?

Winterhawks won and that was awesome. The Comcast Arena in Everett is really nice. If you get a chance go and attend something there. The food smelled delicious and the popcorn didn’t smell rancid (are you listening Memorial Coliseum?)
The next day we slowly explored a bit of Everett.

This is our last trip until San Francisco for the Christmas holiday. I’m pretty excited about going. Shannon and Bill are fantastic people plus San Francisco has some delicious food and Chrissy Field. I’m sure I’ll have lots of great stories and photos to share.


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