Devo and Blondie

Last week Andy and I attended two concerts! Two! That’s a record for us. I got a Groupon Deal and had a credit with Groupon so it cost us very little to attend the two concerts. Thursday night was Willie Nelson. I couldn’t get any good photos. And honestly Willie doesn’t need my little blog to promote him. It was a fantastic concert. The Red Headed Stranger brought tears to my eyes. He was so good.

Saturday night Andy and I went to see Devo and Blondie. We got even better seats than for Willie. So I was able to actually get some photos!!! Devo came on stage first. I’m not a huge Devo fan but Andy is. Their show was amazing! They were all over the stage, costume changes, and the graphics/light show was amazing.

Then there was a short intermission and then Debbie Harry came on stage. She’s 67 years old. And looks fantastic! I never knew how tiny she was. Her voice is still going strong and she was a lovely performer. Blondie as a group wasn’t as tight as Devo was. There were some sound issues.Basically you could hear the band much better than you could hear Debbie Harry. And there was some awkwardness to Debbie Harry’s performance but honestly, it was awesome.

This coming up Saturday, Andy and I are going to my first circus. That’s right. I have never been to a circus!


One response to “Devo and Blondie

  1. I’m jealous. DEVO came to denver last year, but they played in a rodeo stadium and the sound was awful. I’m a lifelong fan, so I hope they return before they, too, are 67 years old…

    I also like Blondie but DEVO’s my fav.

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