Crazy Dreams

Last night was the Olympics of crazy dreams for me. Saturday night I had a dream that Andy stole a duffel bag full of money. The bag actually had two severed heads in it along with the cash. I think it was some type of crazy warning against stealing the bag. Anyway, I kept begging Andy to return the money but he wouldn’t. There were all these people around us trying to help us out. But the bad guys were coming and people were starting to get hurt. I found Andy hiding in cub boards. He had fallen asleep and I could hear him wheezing/snoring. I was scared of the bad guys so I cut my hair short, dyed it black and put on a Packer’s jersey. And then took off without Andy.

That’s a crazy dream so to top it you know it has to be really weird. So I’m on this bus and I’m walking through the aisle. In one of the seats are all these babies in car seats but they all look alike. Not identical but really close. Cousins or maybe triplets? I don’t even know if there were three of them. So I keep walking and there is this fat ugly (sorry but true) baby not in a car seat all rolling around dangerously in a bus seat all by his lonesome. Of course I get freaked out cause the kid should be secured so it doesn’t fall on the ground. He looks up at me and starts crying. So the women in the next seat —-hold onto your seats– gives me all this uncooked bacon to give to him. Whoa! Let’s take a step back. Uncooked bacon, kid, and me. I can remember the smell of the uncooked bacon and the greasy feel of it in my hands. Crazier thing – I gave it to the kid! He closes his eyes momentarily and has this huge grin on his face while part of the bacon is hanging out of his mouth. Then he opens his eyes and has this look of euphoria.

There were a few other dreams last nigh but as I type I’m having a hard time remembering them. I didn’t sleep so well the last couple of nights. My stomach has been bothering me. I’m not sure what the cause is but I just don’t sleep when my stomach is upset. Hopefully tonight I’ll have more pleasant dreams.


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