Tips for Traveling For the Lady Next to Me

So you boarded a 4+ hour flight with nothing to occupy you. Not a magazine, not a book and not even an MP3 player to entertain you for a bumpy baby filled flight. No, instead you thought the middle seat would provide enough room and comfort that you could sleep. Boy were you wrong. You look over at me and then at the wailing infant behind us muttering “Jesus” under your breath. I’m cool. I could care less. I just finished two books and am now watching “Game of Thrones” on my laptop thanks to Southwest’s $5 WiFi. Trust me, its money well spent.

Instead of glaring at the poor mothers who are trying to soothe their screaming children, you should have brought some noise canceling headphones with you. I mean your purse is big enough to fit a Thanksgiving dinner. How about putting something useful in there? I’m sure you realize that these babies aren’t crying just to annoy you but maybe not. You complain about how long it takes to deboard the plane. I suggest checking in exactly 24 hours prior to departure to ensure that you get a better seat. But then again, you can check in when you get to the airport and I’m sure that will be good enough?

You look longingly at my snacks and litter of water. Yep, I took some time to buy a few items to tide me over. Don’t get me wrong, the snacks on Southwest are okay but this is a 4+ hour flight. A lady gets hungry.

All in all, I took about 30 minutes to get some books, laptop, and snacks together. You just walked onto the plane with no preparation and are now pretty upset. I’d say my 30 minutes are worth it. Wouldn’t you?


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