Sierra Nevada Brewery

Andy and I have been wanting to go to Sierra Nevada for years. We had the perfect opportunity on our way back from Yosemite. If you have never been to Chico, CA, then you are in for a surprise. It’s hot there. I mean really, really hot. Pretty much the only thing awesome in Chico is Sierra Nevada.

Andy and I went on two tours of Sierra Nevada. The first was the brewery tour and the second was the sustainability tour. Sierra Nevada not only makes great beer but also leads the brewing industry in sustainability. Actually they are heads and shoulders above 98% of companies with their sustainability efforts. I highly recommend to anyone in any industry that they go and tour the facility. I walked away with a lot of great ideas for my company.

Industrial size composter. They use food waste and the spent hops from one of their beers to fill the composter. They use the left over product in their hop fields.

They have a large (HUGE) solar panel farm that covers most buildings including their parking garage as well as hydrogen fuel cells.

The food at the pub was pretty good too. I recommend the flat bread. It was this delicious soft bread with spicy hummus on it and covered by this delicious salad that had feta and cucumbers in it. Yum!!


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