Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival

The culmination of Medford Beer Week was the Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival. The event started at noon but of course Andy and I were an hour early so we decided to walk down to Hawthorne Park to view the vehicles that would be riding in the Medford Cruise. There were some cool cars there!

Andy was not as into the classic cars as I was.

We arrived at the beer festival about 5 after noon. They weren’t letting people in yet so we waited patiently in line for about ten minutes. The festival was a very cool event. There were quite a few beers that neither Andy nor myself had tried.

We both enjoyed the beers from Good Life (Bend, OR) as well as Sierra Nevada’s (Chico, CA) Kellerweis Hefeweizen. But the one that really stood out was the Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole from New Belgium (Fort Collins, CO). It was absolutely delicious. I’m not a big fan of porters or stouts and I don’t know if this beer could be called a porter or stout. It was spicy and chocolatey. I cannot say enough nice things about this beer. I really want to get my hands on a 12 pack. Wandering Aengus brought several of their ciders which were a nice change from beer.

For being a small festival, the food offerings were definitely large festival quality. There were caprese sandwiches along with gourmet grilled cheese and pulled pork sandwiches. We didn’t eat anything but it looked great. The only downside of the event was the heat. Boy did it get hot. There didn’t seem to be enough shade for everyone and I would have really appreciated a mister that is available at the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. Or a pool.

We saw something strange at the event. Very strange. I mean you see it in homes but never think that you’ll see it at a brew festival: an iron and an ironing board. And yes, the iron was plugged in!

A Subaru dealership was at the event with a cute little vehicle that festival goers could get in. Andy of course, could not resist. And he found some drink tickets in there! Score.

I would definitely recommend this event. It was well executed even with a few bumps here and there but that happens.


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