Pear Blossom 10 Mile Run

Yesterday I ran the Pear Blossom 10 Mile Run. The Pear Blossom festivities include several runs (Mayor’s Cup, 5k, and 10 miler), parade, street fair, and many other events. So far we’ve enjoyed great weather and you couldn’t ask for more!

I haven’t raced since late October and my leg is finally healing up from the mystery injury (I suspect it was a pulled muscle/tendon/ligament issue from too much speed work and not enough rest). Anyway, I ran 10 miles last Saturday and then 6.5+ on Wednesday so I was feeling pretty good. My goal was sub 12 minute miles. This was also my first race with the Garmin. I’m terrible at pacing and usually don’t have a good idea of how fast I’m running.

I messed up my alarm clock the night before so when I woke up I thought it was 6:45am. We needed to leave the house at 7:30. Turns out it was actually 5:45am. So I was good on time!

I overdressed as usual. It’s better to take clothes off than be cold. Downtown was packed with runners and walkers. I don’t run a lot of these community type of events so I tend to forget that this is a new experience for people. They aren’t taking it as seriously as I (and quite a few other people) am. I was in the porta-potty and heard some woman yell “There’s a time limit! Start banging on the door”. I was so mad (I am super quick in the potty!) that I almost opened up the door mid potty to yell at her.

The starting gun was actually a line of folks with black powder guns. Despite announcing that they were going to do this, the guns still scared the bejesus out of everyone!!

The run itself was an out and back through town and into farm country. It was gorgeous! There were so many people who were running in jeans and deck shoes or jean shorts and sandals. It was kinda crazy. At the 4.5 mile mark there was a big of a rolling hill that many people started slowing down for. I got pretty excited and looked down at my Garmin to see that I was running a 9:42 pace which was way too fast for me at that point. Reluctantly I slowed down. I didn’t want to suffer later in the race for my lack of pacing ability.

During the majority of the run, I stayed between 11:10 and 10:40 which was good for me. I was hoping to surge at the last two miles but couldn’t do it. After about twenty minutes of beating myself up for not being able to sprint the last two miles, I crossed the finish line in less than 1:50 which is more than 10 minutes better than my goal. I actually started my Garmin about 30 seconds to a minute too soon! The most disappointing thing about the race was the race packets. They included expired coupons to local businesses including Sonic. If you know me, you know I LOVE Sonic. Also included was a coupon that expired on race day. Sorry Abbey’s Pizza, I need more than 48 hours to redeem a coupon.

I did get into the Mackenzie 50 mile race in September. I also signed up for the Mt. Hood 50 in late July prior to my leg injury. I’m wondering if I can race Mt. Hood. I would love to! But I don’t want a DNF or to get pulled from the course for not making the time cut offs. I’m kinda behind in training right now. Things are going well now that I’ve incorporated a lot more cycling into my workout. It’s really helping to build my stamina. Honestly, I’m sure what to do. I know I have enough time to train for Mackenzie. But Mt. Hood? I just don’t know. There are 104 days until the race. I signed up for the early start and have 13 hours to finish running 50 miles. That’s less than 15 minute miles when you figure in aid stations and bathroom breaks. But maybe. Just maybe I can still do it…


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