I’ve been trying to tell myself the strain/injury on my left leg doesn’t matter.That this will extend my running season into October instead of like last year when I raced early then had a summer lag and then ramped back up for October racing. But its not working.

I read Dailymile, Twitter, and all the blogs I subscribe to about racing, training, and great runs with friends all while I am sitting staring out the window. I look at all my gear: hydration packs, running shoes, and my Garmin with such a heavy heart. I want to go outside and run up and down mountains. I want to drag my exhausted self back into my apartment knowing that I worked as hard as I could.

I know I need to get to the gym and use the elliptical or hop on the bike. But I cannot motivate myself to do it. I just keep thinking ‘what’s the point’.

I gotta get out of this funk. Yelling at Andy how he doesn’t understand and feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to solve anything.


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