Calamari Steak & Eggs

Andy and I picked up two calamari steaks at the Shop-n-Cart. I decided to make them this morning for brunch. I found a great recipe. But frying isn’t my strong suite. In order to avoid any potential issues I got everything ready in advance. I did read that if the calamari smells fishy to soak in milk (this also works for white fish and scallops as well).

calamari soaking in milk

I envisioned mimosas, sauteed mushrooms, eggs, and calamari steaks for brunch. So that’s what I made.

I dredged the calamari in flour (flour with salt & pepper), then in an egg mixture, and then in panko mixed with a dry cheese. Then I fried it.

The first one turned out great.
The next one didn’t turn out well due to a lack of oil in the pan and a general lack of being prepared. That one was mine.

Overall, everything turned out pretty well.

Mimosa fixings


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