Mt. Shasta

We had plans to go to Eugene for a small beer festival but decided against it due to drive time. So I suggested we head out to Mt. Shasta. We love Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta

With all the clouds and fog, Mt. Shasta almost looked fake:

It was gorgeous up on Mt. Shasta:

We had planned on going as far as we could. But that came much more quickly than we anticipated:

I don’t think the sign was necessary due to the amount of snow that was covering the road. But hey, that’s just me.

We ate at the Black Bear Cafe. Andy ate a tuna sandwich while I tried to eat lighter and opted for an open face turkey sandwich without the gravy. Turns out you don’t get the mashed potatoes and the portion is on the shall we say skimpy side:

This is a normal portion size

I was hungry an hour later

Last stop before we headed home

We like to keep it classy:

Absinthe & 'shine


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