Running Mojo

It seems I have misplaced my running mojo somewhere. I think it may have gotten left in Portland around the end of October. Because I certainly don’t have it.

Don’t get me wrong: not all of my runs are horrible. But they aren’t like they used to be. Maybe I miss Forest Park – yes, I do. Maybe I miss my old running buddies – yes, I do. But Ashland, OR is a running mecca. What is wrong with me and my body? I huff and puff like I’m the ugly stepsister to the Big Bad Wolf. My lower left leg hurts. It’s not shin splints. And I cannot seem to stretch it out.

Truth be told, I haven’t been that great about stretching. I definitely need to get nailed down a bit better. Some of the runs I’ve been on have been pretty good despite the chest cold that affected me for about 3 weeks.

I shouldn’t keep complaining. It’s not like my IT Band is flaring up or I have sprained/strained something. And the majority of my runs have been faster than well…ever. But the fluidity of my runs and the pure enjoyment haven’t been there. I feel like I’m fighting with my body pumping my arms to get it done.

Enough complaining for now.


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