Hotel Living

I just finished my second week at the hotel. Andy has been coming up on Saturdays for a few days to spend time with me and find a new place to live. We finally found a cute apartment in Ashland that we are pretty excited about. We will be moving the weekend of the 17th. I cannot wait!

Living in a hotel is a weird experience. Usually when I’m at a hotel, there is some activity that I will be getting ready for. You know like when you are on vacation or running a race. But here, I get ‘home’ from work, I’m home. That’s it. No getting on a plane or getting ready for a race. I’m done.

Work is super busy. Super, super busy. Me and my coworkers are putting in long days and working on the weekends. So I’m tired. Really tired. Plus Friday nights at the hotel make for terrible sleeping. People are coming in late and leaving early. And they are not quiet. So on Saturdays, I drag myself into work yawning. Today I got ‘home’ and changed back into my pajamas in hopes of napping. But there was too much noise. So here I sit on the couch yawning and typing. Part of me says that I should go workout but the other (much larger) part of me reminds my tired self that I’ve been working a lot plus battling a serious allergy attack (mix in allergy medicine) and I stay on the couch yawning.


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