Photographing Fencing – Harder Than It Looks

Andy got involved in Portland State’s fencing club several years ago. Fencing was a brand new world to me. I had seen fencing while watching the Olympics but that was it. At the collegiate level women and men fence against each other which is really cool.

Photographing fencing is incredibly difficult. You can take hundreds of photos and miss the key shots. Or they come out blurry. Or just plain weird. But over the years, I’ve watched Andy fence enough that I know when to take the shot. Most of the time. The real key is timing. Don’t start taking the photo when the fencers first start. Wait about 30 seconds and then take the photo.

Andy versus Scrabby Doo

Andy versus Andrew

Andy versus ?

For every good photo I take, there are 15 that I delete. Practice is definitely key. Good luck!


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