Moving On Up (Or Down Actually)

Our big news is that we’re moving to the Medford/Ashland, OR area. I have accepted a new job as an Email Manager with a local company. So after living in Portland for 12 years (for me) and over 15 years (for Andy), we are saying goodbye.

I have mixed feelings about Portland. On one hand, I love the city. I love the food carts, Powell’s, the numerous breweries, and the mass transit options. But (there is always a but) I do not love the traffic, the vast amounts of drugged out homeless kids who aggressively panhandle, the snow, high housing costs, and some of the other things that go with living in a liberal city.

So. What’s next? I will go to Medford/Ashland for a few weeks while we find a place to live. Andy has some work commitments that will keep him in Portland until mid December. After that, we will be together. Stay tuned for more news on our adventure.


One response to “Moving On Up (Or Down Actually)

  1. So excited to hear about new adventures for the Fullenwiders. Congrats on your new job!

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