Extreme Couponing Tips

I’ve moved to extreme couponing. This should come as no shock to anyone. It seems like its all the rage now. There is even a tv show about extreme couponing called “Extreme Couponing” Basically extreme couponing or ultra couponing is working the existing sales at retail stores in conjunction with double/triple coupons and manufacturer coupons. It’s a lot of work and requires a tremendous amount of organization but can really pay off. Look into my freezer and you’ll see.

But don’t get completely swept away by the offers and deals. Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t buy products you wouldn’t normally buy. Seems obvious but when you see a $4 off coupon along with a good sale at the store plus a potential triple coupon offer…put down the coupon and walk away.
2. Stay within your budget. Remember the reason you are couponing – to stay on a budget.
3. When in doubt, call a friend or spouse. I was in Fred Meyer facing a major sale on cheese ($2.50 a pound for good, local shredded cheese) and called Andy to confirm our need for cheese. We go through a lot of cheese and we can freeze it so…I bought. Actually I bought the coupon limit, dropped my bag in my car, and went back in for another coupon.
4. Look at prices online. I got caught in this one. I got a $4 off coupon for any size of a named brand acid reducer. A grocery store had a double coupon offer so I went in and made the purchase. Turns out, I way overpaid. If I would have used the Internet to comparison shop, I could have saved much more.
5. Stay organized. Develop a system and use it. Nothing worse than finding an expired coupon for something you really need.

Good luck and stay vigilant my friends.


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