Christmas Count Down

There is something like 67 days until Christmas. I know, I know. This year (like every year) I vow to be more organized. You know and actually send Christmas gifts before December 25th. In previous years, it has been hit or miss. Thanks to companies like Amazon, I have been able to have my gifts under the tree before the big day.

This year, I started saving money a few months ago. Granted, its only been like $10 per paycheck. But after a few months, its added up to more than 0. As with each year, I wonder about how to address the question of gifts for the nephews. Last year, we decided to give them money. I never know what to get them or if the gifts I’ve given were a hit. It would be great to hear from them if they liked what we sent. (*HINT*) But in the absence of correspondence or a phone call, we decided that money was just easier. Maybe I’ll send gift cards to Walmart or something. I don’t know.

This year Andy and I will be attempting to create several gifts for family members over the age of 25. I’m not giving anything away but the gifts will be simple and from the heart. Hopefully family will like them. What are your plans for Christmas and how do you handle the kid gift giving?


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