My Hungry Brain

I’ve noticed something interesting: when I’m leaner and have been eating low calorie, low sugar, high fiber food – it’s easier to say no to delicious junk food. It’s easier to control my cravings. I don’t get that nauseous hungry feeling (if you’re chunky you know what I’m talking about). When I’m heavier and not being even remotely good about eating, then all hell can break loose close to meal times. I obsess about food and continue eating when I’m not hungry.

Well, I might not be crazy. A study led by Yale University and University of Southern California researchers have found that:

“What happens in lean people, when their blood sugar is not dropping, is that their executive function lights up — the area involved in making decisions,” explains Robert Sherwin, professor medicine at Yale and senior author of the paper, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. “This executive function controls the reward system, which is much less activated. But in obese people, that executive control is not activated when their blood sugar isn’t falling. So they have continued activation of their reward system and that system dominates even if they’re not hungry.”

You can read more here.

I’m no different than the millions of people trying to get a hold on their weight and ultimately their health. I have spans of time I do really well: eat well, get plenty of exercise and start chipping away at some of the weight that has accumulated. Then slowly that unravels and I’m eating enough salty snacks to satisfy a herd of cattle.

I started wearing a pedometer. I began on my most sedentary day: rest day + conference call overload. When I got home I checked and I had taken less than 4,000 steps that day. I was horrified. My desk job + love of the Internet + working downtown (everything is super convenient) + addiction to television was turning me into a lazy sedentary person. Granted I run but beyond that I don’t really do much. Yikes!! It’s 10am and I have 2084 steps under my belt so far. Let’s see if I can get to 6,000 for today..


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