Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake, and Crazy 8’s

Andy and I took our annual post Labor Day vacation. We leave on Labor Day and head south for adventure. The traffic is light and campgrounds empty. It’s fantastic. We went to Grants Pass to raft on the Rogue River, hiked Mt. Shasta, viewed the majestic beauty of Crater Lake, and played numerous hands of Crazy 8’s. Here is the photographic evidence to prove it:

Nachos at Wild River Brew Pub

No photos please

Post river beer

Hell Gate, Grants Pass

Hell Gate, Grants Pass

We (Andy) drove over 1500 hundred miles through Oregon and California.

Mt. Shasta and a hippie van.

Normally I would tell you every place we went. But to preserve the beauty of certain areas, I am withholding the actual locations.

A meadow

Babbling brook in a gorgeous meadow

Crazy 8's

The Chef

We went to Arcadia, CA where Andy found his favorite burrito (Amiga’s) place alive and well.

Neither Andy nor I had ever been to Crater Lake so we decided to venture East. The Rogue River begins at Crater Lake.

The Rogue River

The deepest lake in the US


Stopped off in Oakridge, OR for a beer


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