The March of the Tired and Weary

I ran the Newport Marathon today. published “60-65 degrees with partly cloudy skies.” It was much warmer than that. Much, much warmer as the sunburn on my left arm with testify to. I don’t want to bore with a lengthy race report.

I was really excited to run this race as it was being held at the Oregon Coast and my friends Esther and Rose were running it. I got off work early on Friday and drove to Newport. I stayed at the KOA in a little cabin. The little cabin had no bathroom. Pretty much all KOA’s have a communal shower toilet area. Choosing the cabin with a bathroom that was 100 feet away turned out to not be the smartest idea when you’ve drank a lot of water to prepare for your marathon.

Cabin with no bathroom

Night before the race, I got to hang out with some great runners!

I got up with plenty of time to get to the race and have my pick of parking spaces. Race started at 7am right by the beach. It was gorgeous. The first 3-4 miles were a hilly challenge. I was paying attention to my body as I was concerned about my left calf and left IT Band. IT Band started to ache after about an hour or so but never hurt so bad I had to stop.

Sunrive in Waldport, OR

My first half went really well. I hit the 13.1-ish mark around 2:30. I was excited because I could quite possibly hit a finish time anywhere from 5:25-5:30. But as the sun rose up with all her mighty and there was no shade to be seen, my hopes started fading. It was really warm. And each aid station seemed to have even warmer water and sweeter Gatorade. It wasn’t very pleasant. I felt sorry for myself until I saw a Marathon Maniac laying in a fetal position on the grass vomiting uncontrollably (he was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was given an IV to rehydrate). I saw a young running roaming around aimlessly. Another runner grabbed her and brought her to an aid station where they pulled her off of the course.

I finished the race under 6 hours which is better than my Eugene finish but not as good as Portland or Vernonia. I also qualified for Marathon Maniac bronze status one star. And that made up for everything!!

Qualify for Maniac status


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