Move Complete

To celebrate the sacrifices the men and women of the armed forces have made, Andy and I completed our move by cleaning out our storage unit. It took 5 trips. We brought in roughly 8 boxes of glassware. Mind you we got rid of a bunch of glasses before we moved from Division Street to the cabin at Lake Wygant. We currently have about 13 boxes total of wine, pint, stein, and other assorted glassware. Oy.

We peppered in some more European trip planning. We have a room in Munich now and have decided against the Eurorail pass. I’ve all ready spent almost 30 hours researching, planning, and booking tickets. I just want to be there all ready. Amy has agreed to watch the cats (!) and lend us some converters.

Andy has 13 days until he graduates. I don’t know who is more stressed: him or me. Probably him. But I am a close second. The count down is on: 15 days until we leave for Europe. Holy moly. This is going to happen!


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